About Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is the pharmacologically induced state of being insensate - numb to pain or sensation - which can be controlled and reversed.

The development of the ability to anaesthetise a patient has allowed many major developments in contemporary medical practice. Most surgical procedures would be impossible without the technology of anaesthesia and the skills of the Anaesthetist.

The Nuffield Professor of Anaesthetics is the Head of both the University of Sydney Discipline of Anaesthetics and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Department of Anaesthetics. It was the first anaesthesia chair in Australia.

Research and Education

Research in the field of anaesthesia and pain management is conducted across a variety of clinical schools and hospitals affiliated with the University of Sydney.

Teaching is also provided to Sydney Medical Program students where subjects range from uptake and distribution of anaesthetic agents, muscle relaxants, medical education and training.

Anaesthetics education at Sydney University is provided by five clinics within the Sydney Medical School

  • Central Clinical School
  • Northern Clinical School
  • Westmead Clinical School
  • Childrens' Hospital, Westmead
  • Concord Clinical School