Datalogging Software for Medical Devices
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The software section and the medical maufacturers listing of the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook may be useful. There are some commercial providers:

Artemi are a European company developing custom hardware/software interfacing solutions for both RS232 and ethernet connected devices.

Capsuletech from France provide smart interfacing modules and software code to allow applications to easily and efficiently aquire data from a very wide range of medical devices.

In the shareware / freeware domain, James Derrick's Monitor is a very comprehensive datalogging and real-time colour graphical trending application for PPC Macintosh computers. By using a modular data parsing system, the program can accept data from most medical devices on the market today. Data can be annotated in real time and may be saved in ascii file formats.

Custos is a smart 'evidence-based' realtime anaesthetic data analyser. It logs data from GE monitors and suggests possible causes of physiological derangements as they develop.

VSCapture is a C# .NET sourceforge app by John George to log data from the Datex/GE AS/5 series of devices.

Stefan Lombard's application to log data into a comma-delimited text file from Datex AS/3 monitors was primarily intended to run on HP200LX palmtop computers, but should run under MS-DOS, Windows95 or Windows NT. Source code, instructions and a compiled .exe is contained in this 56k zip archive.

Chris Rorden's site has information on configuring an MS-DOS machine to a variety of time-critical data aquisition tasks and other goodies.

A companion document contains information about making cables to interconnect medical devices to personal computers. The emphasis is on the Apple Macintosh, however it contains some communication software related information as well.

Most manufacturers are prepared to provide information about their communications protocols, however often these can be somewhat cryptic!

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