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The University of Sydney Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Lectures and Study Notes Listing.

Last modified Monday, August 08, 2016

Patient Guides and introductory notes

Anaesthesia - A Modern Concept - Unrousable Unconsciousnes vs The Triad - Roger Traill
Anaesthesia notes - Chris Thompson
Anaesthesia and the sleep apnoea sufferer - John Loadsman
Envenomations - spiders, snakes and marine creatures


Context sensitive decrement times - Chris Thompson

Physiology and Pathophysiology

Acid-base - Michael Bookallil.
Sleep apnoea - John Loadsman
Control of ventilation, gas exchange, pulmonary circulation, ventilation and perfusion, (slides)- Paul Forrest
Cardiac cycle, peripheral circulation, control of CVS, regional circulations, (slides) - Paul Forrest
Carbon monoxide poisoning, anaesthesia for the elderly patient, hypothermia- Nick Robson


Pre-operative assessment - John Loadsman
Lower limb blocks (slides) - Paul Forrest
Insertion of double lumen tubes - W. John Russell

Anaesthesia for:

Abdominal wall defects, laser surgery, patients with sleep apnoea - John Loadsman
Cardiac Anaesthesia made simple ;Thoracic Anaesthesia: (text & slides) - Paul Forrest
Ophthalmics, laparoscopy, urology - Nick Robson
Anaesthesia for eye surgery - Alfred Chua
Neurosurgery: neurophysiology, pre-operative evaluation of the neuro patient, hypotensive agents, monitoring, EEG & EP primer (neuroTrac), neurosurgical anaesthetic emergencies, carotid endarterectomy, cerebral aneurysms, head injuries, MRI anaesthesia, neurophysiology, monitoring, EEG & EP Primer NeuroTrac - Roger Traill. Cerebral protection - Chris Thompson.

Anaesthesia for interventional neuro-radiology - Kim Gray; MRI anaesthesia,- Roger Traill.

Spinal injuries - PJ Corke

Endocrine diseases and anaesthesia: 

Diabetesphaeochromocytomapituitary, - Chris Thompson
Thyroid - Tim McCulloch, Chris Thompson


Major and minor tranquilisershepatotxicity of inhalational agents - Chris Thompson
CNS effects of benzodiazepines - John Loadsman
Nitrates, Digoxin, Calcium Channel Blockers (text & slides), Sympathomimetic Amines (text & slides), Vasopressors (text & slides), Vasopressin (text & slides) - Paul Forrest


For the ANZCA Part II course: gas supplies, yokes and regulators, gas mixingvapourisers, breathing systems, breathing systems - Nick Robson, checking the anaesthesia machine (links to ANZCA policies PS18 (monitoring), PS8 (the assistant for the Anaesthetist), PS31 (Checking Machines), T1 (facilities), T3 (machines), .

Suctionoxygen monitoringhumidity and humidificationventilation, lung recruitment PDF and abstract,

Electricityneuromuscular monitoring - Chris Thompson.

How to build an FM transmitter for monitoring breath sounds - John Loadsman
Pacemakers - Marc Rozner


Last updated Monday, August 08, 2016
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