Central Clinical School - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

The Central Clinical School is located at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH), adjacent to the University of Sydney in Camperdown.

The Department of Anaesthetics of the RPAH, is lead by The Nuffield Professor of Anaesthetics Professor Peter Kam.

Anaesthesia staff at the Central Clinical School




 Professor Peter Kam


 Nuffield Professor and Head of Department

 Adjunct Professor Richard Walsh


 Adjunct Associate Professor, Head of Cardiac & Perfusion

 Dr. Robert Woog


 Clinical Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of Department

 Dr Roger Traill


 Clinical Senior Lecturer and Director of Facilities

 Dr. Ian Douglas


 Deputy Director, Obstetrics

 Dr Chris Thompson


 Clinical Lecturer, Web Site Coordinator

 Dr Jeff Dickson


 Clinical Lecturer

 Dr Peter Tralaggan


 Clinical Lecturer

 Dr John Loadsman


 Conjoint Lecturer

 Dr Tim McCulloch


 Conjoint Lecturer

 Dr Brenan Orr


 Conjoint Lecturer, Supervisor of Training